3rd grade enjoyed their pizza party purchased from the Glo Bingo auction.
1 day ago, Jeanine Hess
pizza 2
pizza 1
We need you! Please consider joining the MGS staff. We currently need 2 custodians. For next school year we need 2 teacher's aides and a PT floor monitor in the cafeteria. Contact the office if you are interested! https://www.mgsredbirds.org/page/employment
1 day ago, Dr. Lee
The 6th and 7th Grade Field Day is cancelled today due to the weather.
1 day ago, Jennifer Sarver
2B had a fantastic field trip to The Children's Discovery Museum and Fairview Park today! So glad the rain stayed away.
2 days ago, Trentman Deanne
Great Job on the Recorder Assembly 4th Grade!!!
2 days ago, Dawn Trotter
Today these lucky students enjoyed a ride to school by Officer Cummings! They were the top bidders on this Glo Bingo silent auction item!
3 days ago, Jennifer Sarver
police ride
police ride 2
police escort
We heard through the grapevine that the playground at MGS may be experiencing an upgrade in the future. In honor of this, students in 5A and 5B took part in a STEM challenge in which they had to design their dream playground using ONLY paper and tape. We hope these models inspire any future changes to the playground!
3 days ago, Jana Southerland
Not a bad model considering it is all made of paper!
Lots of fun equipment in this playground.
What more could you ask for in a playground?
Check out this towering dream playground
2B enjoying a day of camping!
4 days ago, Trentman Deanne
The alphabet countdown to the end of the school year has been full of excitement in kindergarten. Hands on learning experiences are engaging and meaningful for these little ones!
4 days ago, Ms. Vogel
The third grade classes enjoyed their buy-a-share ice cream sundae party today!
4 days ago, Ms. A. Brown
4C has been learning about electricity over the past few weeks. They are finishing out the year with a culminating activity of creating a circuit quiz board. The kids are loving this hands on activity of creating a circuit.
5 days ago, Stephanie Kiesewetter
4C circuit board
4C circuit board
The Band gave an excellent performance at 8th Grade Graduation!!! Congratulations to Our Graduating 8th Grade!!! Thanks for A Great Year!! I Will Miss You ALL!!!
6 days ago, Dawn Trotter
Kids and teens can eat right this summer! Free meals that follow USDA nutrition guidelines are served at summer meal sites across the community. Text FOOD to 304-304 to find a site near you or to learn more, call 1-800-359-2163.
6 days ago, Jennifer Sarver
Free Summer Meals
Free Summer Meals Text
3A and 3C students practiced finding area and perimeter. They constructed their own zoos with animal exhibits and their own houses by creating floor plans.
7 days ago, Megan Domenighini
7th grade chorus members learned about the Art of Foley (sound effects). They had to watch a silent video and then create sounds to go with the video.
8 days ago, Gregait Catherine
Falling telephone pole
Dinosaur walking and screaming
Falling telephone pole
Exploring sounds for birds flapping wings
4the grade students are learning about block printing.
8 days ago, Foster Erin
Block printing
4th grade block printing
7th grade students Alexa Haislip, Reagan Ramage, and Miranda Emery finished their mural today. Education is the passport to the future. Way to go girls.
9 days ago, Foster Erin
New mural by 7th grade students
7th grade Greek mythology projects (3 of 3)
9 days ago, Blessin Melanie
8th hour day 1
8th hour day 2
7th grade Greek mythology projects (2 of 3)
9 days ago, Blessin Melanie
4th hour day 2
5th hour day 1
5th hour day 2
4th hour day 1
Seventh grade Greek mythology projects (1 of 3)
9 days ago, Blessin Melanie
first hour day 1
first hour day 2
third hour day 1
third hour day 2