inclusion and diversity

Dear MGS Parents, 

The Metamora Grade School Inclusion Committee is proud to present our activities for this year’s Inclusion Week. The goal of Inclusion Week is to educate our students on people with different abilities in order to grow empathy, understanding, and connectedness with all students in our school. We believe that inclusion starts with understanding. Our hope for this week is to bring MGS students All Together All the Time

This year’s theme focuses on diverse communication. Students of all grade levels will have the opportunity to learn about 3 different types of communication they may encounter when interacting with others in our MGS community and throughout their lives. We will dedicate 3 days during the week of April 25-29 to the following topics where students will be involved in their classrooms in watching video clips of others who communicate in these methods, in hands-on activities, and in literature. 

Vision Impairment: Students will learn about Braille and have the opportunity to see what a Braille writer looks like and how it functions. 

Hearing Impairment: Students will participate in hands-on activities, as well as seeing videos to learn about using sign language to interact with others who have different hearing abilities. Some classrooms will have a guest ASL interpreter. 

AAC Communication Devices: Students will grow in understanding how communication can occur using devices such as tablets and iPads with communication systems. 

This year’s inclusion week was inspired by our new playground core board (pictured below) sponsored by Metamora Grade School PTO. This core board will be installed on our playground to give all students, no matter their communication ability, access to communication to build friendships and play skills. This article from Two Way Street gives great tips for parents learning how to use a playground core board and how to utilize it with your kids.

Thank you, 

MGS Inclusion Committee